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Posted by thedesiconnect on January 21, 2007

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Tushar Unadkat, CEO and Creative Director

Advertising Mastermind Tushar Unadkat

Many people assume that to break into the entertainment and media industry, you have the master the art of schmoozing and perception. Thirty-five year-old Tushar Unadkat has proved them all wrong. As CEO and Creative Drector of MUKTA Advertising, Tushar operates by the motto, “Where quality comes second, only to honesty” and uses his company as a platform to celebrate more creative forms of art. MUKTA is the only full service multicultural advertising and marketing agency that focuses on a South Asian audience…

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Non-Profit Spotlight
Share Your Story
78.2 The expected participation rate in the labor force, of people ages 20-24, by the year 2012.

– U.S. Chamber of Commerce

What’s the Big Deal?

What’s the Big Deal?
by Rupa Dev Gone are the days when young professionals used a leather-bound daily planner and a chic fountain pen to keep track of their hectic lifestyle. These days, every meeting, tennis match, and first date is directly stored in memory – your computer memory, that is.

Roshani Patel, Director of Development

Preschool Activist Roshani Patel
When’s the last time you stepped foot into a classroom with a 9:1 student-teacher ratio? Or in a classroom where more than 50 percent of the children barely speak English? Never, perhaps? Thankfully, many Texas-based educators understand the importance of individualized attention during the early schooling of students. Roshani Patel, 23, Director of Development, shares with us that for almost thirty years now, Mi Esculita preschools have provided educational…

An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomfortable Truth
Ah, the awkward moment. We’ve all had them, but it becomes particularly disconcerting when it happens at work. Your boss may look at you differently from now on, but you can at least attempt to laugh it off — and we’ll help you, so please, share your “awkward moment” with us and we’ll publish the best of the best (you can keep your anonymity if you’d like).

PepsiCo Plans to go Healthier
British court bars Indian American from filing claims
Indian-American Clown Saddens, Angers, Indians
First Muslim lawmaker in Maryland
Nepali Protest Rally

January 26

South Asian Awareness Network Conference

when 3:00 pm (EST); 3 days
where University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI
price $45.00
details view

| go to website

The CulturalConnect co-founders, Sumaya Kazi and Raymond Rouf will be speaking at this conference.

SAAN stands for “South Asian Awareness Network”. It is a student organization at the University of Michigan that was formed by the co-operative

January 29

Emerging Asian American Poets

when 7:30 pm (EST); 2 hours
where Folger Elizabethan Theatre in Washington, DC
price $12
details view

| go to website

Tina Chang, Srikanth Reddy and Victoria Chang tackle identity politics in contemporary America. With varying styles, these poets craft global poetry fitting for literature’s increasingly diverse world stage.

February 2

Financial Communication for Small Business

when 8:00 pm (EST); 2 hours
where District Office of the SBA in Washington, DC
price FREE
details view

| go to website

If you are a business owner who’d like to feel more confident about understanding and communicating your business’ financial information, sign up today to attend the free, two-hour workshop, Financial Communication for Small Business.

February 5

South Asian New Mother’s Group

when 10:00 pm (PST); 1 1/2 hours
where Kaiser Permanente Fremont Medical Center, Niles Building Room H in Fremont, CA
price Free
details view
Question and Answer session for new mothers

February 20

Dibyendu Dey Exhibits in New York

when 11:00 pm (EST); 3 weeks
where Agora Gallery in New York, NY
price free
details view

| go to website

Dibyendu Dey’s paintings cross boundaries: they acknowledge the time-honored styles of Indian visual arts, while also presenting an understated, yet powerful statement on contemporary culture.
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